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[audio]IUMA: Krueger, Lisa
High Rise Records is proud to present its first release of 1998, Imagine by Lisa Krueger from her forthcoming LP. Born and raised in Wisconsin, this smooth vocal stylist extraordinaire now resides in the San Francisco Bay area. Lisa's dynamic, emotional vocal delivery joined by the soulful harmonies of Talk A Da Town, truly honors John Lennon's classic hit. Imagine is now available at a record store near you or on the internet from Rocket Lab at www.shocknroll.com We appreciate all the support ...
Keywords: Krueger, Lisa
Downloads: 8
[texts]Paul Krueger Obituary - //www.heraldextra.com/
Obituary 01 June 1922 Provo Daily Herald pg.1
Keywords: Paul Krueger
Downloads: 3
[audio]Don't Bring Lulu by Bennie Krueger (1925) - Bennie Krueger
Don't Bring Lulu by Bennie Krueger (1925)
Keywords: Bennie Krueger
Downloads: 641
[audio]Larry Krueger's rant on the Giants - Larry Krueger
The rant on the Giants' miserable season
Keywords: Larry; Krueger
Downloads: 1,621
Krueger, Ohm - Die Lebenserinnerungen des Buren-Praesidenten (1941, 299 S., Text)
Keywords: Krueger; Buren
Downloads: 344
[movies]1941 - Ohm Krueger (2h 08m, 352x288)
1941 - Ohm Krueger (2h 08m, 352x288)
Keywords: Ohm; Krueger
Downloads: 7,694
[audio]IUMA: The krueger Band
Brian Leckie is a sage and a rocker...the heart of a poet with the soul of a hard rockin genius. His music is full of life and pulses with energy while his lyrics entice you with their sweet poison that will make you rethink every thing that you held sacred. Brian Leckie and the Krueger Band are a force...an event that will stir your soul and leave you longing for more. Fomerly the band was know as The Human Remains..and was at one time Freddy Krueger's Hat...Whatever they may chose to call them...
Keywords: The krueger Band
Downloads: 57
[audio]IUMA: The Jamie Krueger Group
The blues has a habit of chasing itself away. It's the kind of music you crawl out to see after a hard day's work for a beer and a little escape, the kind of music that revels in its own misery making you feel you haven't a care in the world. While these tales of woe would be downright depressing in any other musical context, the rolling rhythms of the blues have a way of tempering the harsh light of reality that so resembles the glare of the house lights when they come on at last call...
Keywords: The Jamie Krueger Group
Downloads: 49
[texts]Krueger String Bass Unit Installation Manual
Krueger String Bass Unit Installation Manual
Keywords: Krueger; string bass
Downloads: 21
[unknown]Misunderestimating Terrorism: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism - Princeton University
Alan Krueger, the Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Princeton University, discusses "Misunderestimating Terrorism: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism". Krueger presents his research on the factors that lead some people to participate in terrorism. He also describes his efforts to derive more accurate measures of terrorism. December 2, 2004 - Princeton University Length: 28:24 minutes
Keywords: Alan Krueger; terrorism
Downloads: 431
[audio]ruins of krueger private investigation
ruins of krueger play a private investigation
Keywords: ruins of krueger private investigation
Downloads: 21
[audio]Krueger (A Tale from Elm Street) (2011) - Gruesome Hertzogg Horror Movie Reviews
Krueger (A Tale from Elm Street) (2011)
Keywords: Krueger (A Tale from Elm Street) (2011)
Downloads: 35
Downloads: 5
[audio]TRINITY OF SLASHERS - John Ginder
Downloads: 6
[audio]OTAM20 - Jan Krueger
OTAM mix 20: Jan Krueger - 'Live At Dayshift'
Keywords: Jan Krueger; Live at Dayshift; Redevice; Amsterdam
Downloads: 52
[audio]Latin America's Economic Prospects as the U.S. Economy Slows - CEPR (Center for Economic and Policy Research)
May 14, 2008 The U.S. economy is facing what is possibly its worst recession in more than a quarter century, as an $8 trillion housing bubble continues to deflate and consumers pull back. The U.S. trade gap will probably continue to narrow, affecting U.S. trading partners, including Latin America. CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot recently discussed these issues with Anne Krueger, professor of International Economics at the Johns Hopkins Paul H...
Keywords: Mark Weisbrot; Anne Krueger; latin america
Downloads: 54
[movies]Ohmnoise_-_Live_-_Unser Industrie_-_Leipzig_20101016 - Ohmnoise
Ohmnoise performs @ Unser Industrie Festival in Leipzig on 16th October 2006. Side scene performance by Maria Krueger. More info about Ohmnoise -> http://dienstbar.info/html/ohmnoise.html
Keywords: Ohmnoise; Unser; Industrie; Leipzig; Maria; Krueger
Downloads: 39
[movies]Freddy's Return: A Nightmare Reborn - Jason Korsiak
Set between the events of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Freddy's Return is a feature-length non-profit fan production about a young man named Kevin Marks. As a child, Kevin was kidnapped by Freddy Krueger before Freddy was killed by a mob of angry parents. Although he he rescued by the detective that arrested Krueger, he was left scarred emotionally and psychologically...
Keywords: Freddy; Krueger; Nightmare; Elm; Street; fan
Downloads: 20,858 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Psychedelia: Terence McKenna, Brenda Laurel, Myron Krueger, Omega Institute, early 1990s - Galen Brandt
Psychedelia Collection Photos of Terence McKenna, Brenda Laurel, Myron Krueger, Omega Institute, early 1990s (1991 or 1992). Photos taken by Galen Brandt
Keywords: Psychedelia; Timothy Leary; Brenda Laurel; Myron Krueger
Downloads: 34
[image]Capitan Betty - Franz Krueger
ARTIPHON No. 1033 - akustische Aufnahme - One-Step
Keywords: artiphon; akustisch; 1033; acoustic; xylophon; xylophone; franz; krueger
Downloads: 20
[audio]Under Candlelight EP 2 - Under Candlelight
Talking about second and third Nightmare on Elm Street movies
Keywords: nightmare on elm street; horror movie; freddy krueger; under candlelight
Downloads: 6
Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Krueger; Budget; New York State
Downloads: 30
[audio]Under Candlelight Ep 4 - Under Candlelight
Talking about the 4th and 5th Nightmare on Elm Street movies
Keywords: nightmare on elm street; freddy krueger; horror movie; under candlelight
Downloads: 9
[audio]Under Candlelight Ep 1 - Under Candlelight
Talking about the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie.
Keywords: Movie; horror; Nightmare on Elm Street; Freddy Krueger; Under Candlelight
Downloads: 6
[audio]New York State Budget

Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Krueger; New York State; Budget
Downloads: 30
[audio]Under Candlelight Ep 4 - under candlelight
Talking about the 4th and 5th Nightmare on Elm Street Movies
Keywords: freddy krueger; nightmare on elm street; horror movie; under candlelight
Downloads: 11
[unknown]Measuring Success in Combating Terrorism - Princeton University
How can you tell if you.re winning a war on terrorism? This panel is part of "Rethinking the War on Terror", the theme of the 2005 Princeton Colloquium on Public and International Affairs. (website: http://www.wws.princeton.edu/pcpia/) Moderator: Alan Krueger, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Princeton University Panelists: - Larry Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of BERG Associates, LLC - Raphael Perl, Senior Analyst for terrosim policy, Congressional Research Service - Peter Probst, former...
Keywords: Alan Krueger; Larry Johnson; Raphael Perl; Peter Probst; terrorism
Downloads: 234
[audio]Episode 5: Ash Wednesday #2 - The Doctor Danko
Today is ASH WEDNESDAY, and I have a whole lot of goodies for all of you bad-ashes (Dead-heads?) out there!FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH
Keywords: Evil Dead; Ash; Freddy Krueger; Jason Voorhees; Bruce Campbell; Podcasts
Downloads: 1
[image]Freddy Vs Jason
Freddy Vs Jason
Keywords: Freddy Vs Jason; posters; screenshots; Freddy Krueger; Jason Vorhees
Downloads: 48
[audio]WCA Ep 35 - Tame v Wild - WRITE CLUB Atlanta
PushPush Theater director Tim Habeger goes up against Dad's Garage ensemble member Eve Krueger in a fight of Tame vs. Wild
Keywords: WRITE CLUB; Atlanta; Tim Habeger; PushPush; Eve Krueger; Dad's Garage; tame; wild
Downloads: 131
[audio]The Englund Connection - Creepercast.com
In this episode of The Creepercast podcast, we take a look at 2 great films and one bad remake. 'Nightmare on Elm Street' is a classic modern slasher film that spawned several sequels and a bad remake. We also look at the mocumentary film 'Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon' (2006). Behind the Mask is witty, insightful, and turns many of the horror cliches on their heads.
Keywords: Behind the Mask; creepercast; Englund; Freddy Krueger; horror; Leslie Vernon; Nightmare on Elm Street; Horror; Podcast
Downloads: 16
[audio]Under Candlelight Ep 6 - Under Candlelight
Talking about Nightmare on Elm Street 6 and 7
Keywords: nightmare on elm street; freddy krueger; horror; under candlelight; armada volya
Downloads: 8
[image]The World's Worst Nightmare - Latuff
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.
Keywords: freddy krueger; uncle sam; latuff; nightmare; usa; united states; bush; cartoon; copyleft; comics
Downloads: 1,881
[audio]Movie Bonfire On Freddy vs. Jason - Movie Bonfire
After watching Jason smash his way through hordes of helpless victims in 10 movies... well, okay, it was only Jason in eight of the films (see how much more knowledgeable we are now?!), we finally get some new action as Freddy Krueger joins the mayhem in this clash of the horror titans. Although it feels more like a Nightmare on Elm Street movie than a Friday the 13th continuation (New Line has owned Freddy from the start so why wouldn't it?) there's still plenty of Jason lore being tossed aroun...
Keywords: action; comedy; elm street; Freddy Krueger; hockey mask; horror; Jason Voorhees; machete; marathon; murder; violence
Downloads: 231
[audio]Critical End! #52 - Logan Lee & Ryan DiGiorgi
This podcast is your boyfriend now. REVIEWED: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010). PLUS: Trailer talk!
Keywords: Wes Kraven; Robert Englund; Heather Langenkamp; Jackie Earle Haley; Johnny Depp; Freddy Krueger; horror; remake
Downloads: 307
[audio]Episode 9 Uncle Fred And The Dark Knight - The Doctor Danko
This week we talk a bit about Batman and The Joker from Death of the Family and we do the first of many Commentary Tracks to movies. Now Playing: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) So sync up your Dvds or downloaded video and follow me on a journey through the dreams of Nancy Thompson. (If you're looking for the first 8 Podcasts, check out The Matthew Danko Podcast on iTunes!) I'm currently working to get them all into one location for your listening pleasures.
Keywords: Batman; Joker; Kevin Smith; Doctor Who; Nightmare; Elm Street; Freddy; Krueger; Podcasts
Downloads: 2
[movies]Ash Wednesday The Remake - The Doctor Danko
03/05/14 - Ash Wednesday has been a tradition from the beginning of the Matthew Danko Podcast, and now it's being remade! So Sync up your DVD's and cuddle up to your favorite Deadite as we watch Evil Dead the Remake on a special edition of the new Ash Wednesday*.*Necronomicon not included
Keywords: The Doctor Danko; Evil Dead; Batman; Freddy Krueger; Jason Voorhees; Podcasts
Downloads: 17
HORROR DECONSTRUCTION: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET danny and alex wonder out loud whether freddy is a kiddie fiddler or just a plain old child killer... where's the fun in that? With a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.
Keywords: horror deconstruction; a nightmare on elm street; freddy krueger; horror; film
Downloads: 350
[audio]Nightmare On Elm Street 4 & 5. Under Candlelight EP 4 - Under Candlelight
Movie review of Nightmare on Elm Street four and five. Michael Boyajian, A.S. Thompson, Armada Volya and Vincent Volya Russell got together yet again to talk about the the awesomeness that Freddy Krueger is. 
Keywords: nightmare on elm street; freddy krueger; horror; movie review; under candlelight
Downloads: 27
[movies]tweakers / 3733 / Mortal Kombat
De tweede trailer van Freddy Krueger DLC van Mortal Kombat.
Keywords: tweakers; 3733;

De tweede trailer van Freddy Krueger DLC van Mortal Kombat.

Downloads: 7
[audio]Episode 8: Doctor Who Is Who? - The Doctor Danko
On Sunday they revealed who the 12th Doctor will be for Doctor Who, and I reveal the conspiracy behind their choice!Also, I've acquired two new graphic novels from my trip to New York - Batman R.I.P and Batman A Death in the Family.
Keywords: Batman; Kevin Smith; Doctor Who; Evil Dead; Joker; Ash; Freddy; Krueger; Jason; Voorhees; Podcasts
Downloads: 5
[audio]A Nightmare On Elm Street Commentary
My commentary for Wes Craven's horror masterpiece. 
Keywords: Wes Craven; Robert Englund; Freddy Krueger; A Nightmare on Elm Street
Downloads: 39
[audio]Episode 101 - Eric Krueger Performs!
Eric Krueger from Sunday Flood stops by to perform, and Ron gets personal. bands/projects: http://facebook.com/sundayfloodhttp://facebook.com/hallorannhttp://facebook.com/oldnailshttp://facebook.com/atown.unpluggedhttp://facebook.com/leadingtheblindrockhttp://facebook.com/MarkStevenHillstrom where to buy shit: http://sundayflood.bandcamp.comhttp://hallorann.bandcamp.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sundayfloodhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/hallorann
Keywords: Eric Krueger; Sunday Flood; Phillip Seymour Hoffman; addiction; hallorann; music; performance
Downloads: 39
[texts]The descendants of Gottfried - Griepp, Frank R. (Frank Rudolph Robert), 1913-; Griepp, Muriel H. (Muriel Camilla Hawes), 1913-

Keywords: Griepp family; Hintz family; Rathke family; Bliese family; Krueger family; Marquardt family; Ritterbusch family
Downloads: 1,103
[audio]NSI - Nightmare on Elm Street 2
Heather and I will never sleep again after A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.
Keywords: 80s; movie; film; cinema; scary; horror; terror; Freddy Krueger; Nightmare on Elm Street
Downloads: 135
[texts]Loveless,Pauline - http://www.heraldextra.com/
Death announcement for Pauline Loveless she passed away on March 17, 2005 in Texas. She is survived by three sisters and many nieces and nephews. Services will be held at the Walker Mortuary in Payson UT. Interment at the Payson, Utah City Cemetery.
Keywords: Pauline Loveless; Martin Hill and Theressa Richardson Loveless; Afton L. Smith; Myrie L. Clark; Patricia Maxine Krueger
Downloads: 9
[audio]TxCTO09 - Web 2.0 and Policy Leadership - Miguel Guhlin
From Facebook and other Social networking applications to wikis, blogs and digital media, students in the U.S. are fully engaged in the use of participatory Web 2.0 tools outside of the classroom. Though school leaders believe that Web 2.0 collaborative applications expand the resources available for classroom learning; they are often constrained by policy considerations. How can schools better align the reality of technology-rich world in which students live outside of school with the learning ...
Keywords: mguhlin; cosn; txcto09; keithkrueger; krueger; keith; web2.0; leadership; education; k-12; texas; ctoclinic; cto
Downloads: 68
[movies]tweakers / 3042 / Call of Duty: Black Ops - Escalation
Freddy Krueger-acteur Robert Englund maakt zijn opwachting in de DLC van Call of Duty: Black Ops, Escalation.
Keywords: tweakers; 3042;

Freddy Krueger-acteur Robert Englund maakt zijn opwachting in de DLC van Call of Duty: Black Ops, Escalation.

Downloads: 5
[audio]JFD 220 - Junk Food Dinner
JFD220: Mahakaal, Dreamaniac, Bad Dreams
Keywords: podcast; Freddy Krueger; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Wes Craven; Charles Band; David DeCoteau; India; Bollywood; Musical; Richard Lynch; Horror
Downloads: 662
[audio]Live From The Heartland - July 9th, 2011 - Heartland Media
Progressive talk show hosts Michael James and Katy Hogan, Owners of Chicago's The Heartland Cafe, host Gordon Thomson, veteran track coach and scout; Sami Grisafe, quarter back of Chicago's woman's football Team, The Force; and Rich Krueger, folk singer.
Keywords: Katy Hogan; Michael James; Gordon Thomson; Women's Football; Sami Grisafe; Rich Krueger; Chicago; Rogers Park; Heartland Cafe; Live From The Heartland
Downloads: 8
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